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Lab Members 2013

by Raik Grünberg last modified Dec 03, 2015 07:25 PM

Here is a reasonable recent picture with most of the Tyers team (saying farewell to our colleague Jaspal).

Principal Investigator

Lab members

Adnane Sellam
Almer van der Sloot
Andrea Mejia Alfaro Evelyn
Andrew Chatr-aryamontri
Daici Chen
Deborah Blake
Émilie Cossette
Ghada Ghazal
Homayoun Vaziri
Jing Cheng
Luisa Izzi
Manon Lord
Daniel St-Cyr
Mathieu Courcelles
Mike Tyers
Raik Grünberg
Shaima Alkhabouri
Susan Moore
Zahir Seghiri

Former Lab Members

Rino Stocco
Jaspal Singh